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Shahab Medical Center was established in 1967 by Prof. Dr. Sardar Ahmed (Late) who was the first professor of radiology at Nishter Medical College Multan. Dr. Sardar supervised the Radiology unit and Dr. Ghulam Moinuddin became the incharge of Laboratory unit of Shahab Medical Center. Later Dr. Ghulam Moinuddin joined the army.

In 1982 Dr. Riaz Ahmad Bhutta and Dr. Ibrar Ahmed Javed took over the Laboratory and Radiology units respectively. Since then the Laboratory unit of Shahab Medical Center was run by Dr. Riaz Ahmad Bhutta with the well known name of Shahab Laboratory.
After the retirement Dr Riaz Bhutta moved to USA and lab was handed over.

Shahab Laboratory Today

Shahab Laboratory is the only laboratory in Multan with state of art instruments. We offer more Lab tests than any other medical facility in Multan. Our test reports are accurate, in-time and satisfactory. The technicians at Shahab Laboratory are well trained and competent most of them with an experience of seven years or more.

Shahab Laboratory pioneers in introducing the cytospin preparation slides for cytology which increases the positive yield of malignant cells in comparison to traditional centrifuged slides. For almost 17 years we have been the only laboratory in Multan that offers Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC). Also, we have the honor that we were the first lab in Multan that started Hormone Assay and Tumor Markers study. For a complete list of over 200 tests that are offered by Shahab laboratory please click here.